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Charter your dream sailboat with us

Step on board

We are passionate about sailing and want to inspire others to experience the feeling of setting sail and being surrounded by beautiful landscapes and water.

Sailingmint is navigated by experienced sailors. We are here to help you choose and book the best-fitting yachts for you and your friends and family. We are committed to creating a smooth and trustworthy experience.

Sailing destinations

smooth sailing water for charter holidays

Would you like to sail with us to one of these beautiful sailing destinations? Let us know

or call +48 510 107 997

Charter your own sailboat


Gather your crew

Most charter yachts comfortably accommodate up to 12 crew members.


Select your destination

We have our favourite destinations, but we are happy to provide our service worldwide.


Pick the dates

Most charters start and finish on Saturday, although exceptions are possible.


We help you select the perfect sail boat

There are plenty of sailboats available to suit every need, we will find the best one for you.

Charter your yacht with us and  anchor in a beautiful bay during sunset
smooth sailing water for charter holidays

Would you like to charter your own sail boat? Let us know and we help you find the perfect boat for you and your crew

or call +48 510 107 997

Our favourite sailboats

There are plenty of options when it comes to picking the yacht that best suits your next chater experience.

Our mission is to guide and support you in making that choice. We created a page where you can learn more about the different yachts and get inspired for your next holiday:

smooth sailing water for charter holidays

Are you ready to start choosing the best boat for your next charter holiday? Let us know

or call +48 510 107 997

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