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The comfort of sailing on a catamaran is uncomparable. Large space for relaxation, comfortable cabins with bathrooms and a spacious deck ensure a comfortable stay at sea. Moreover, thanks to the low draft, catamarans can get to shallower places, which allows them to explore even those bays to which access for monohull yachts may be limited. For many people, traveling by catamaran becomes not only a way of active recreation, but also a luxurious experience on the water.

The distinction between the small, medium and large catamarans is not necessarily related to the number of people, since most catamarans can comfortably accommodate 6-10 people (a few of the large catamarans accommodate 12), but to the total space and leisure area. A small catamaran has the required space to be functional and accommodate all the crew members, while most medium catamarans have the top area (above the saloon) prepared to be a hang-out space in the yacht. A large catamaran might present even more places to hang-out and for the crew have leisure time within the yacht.

Small 38 - 42 ft

Medium 43 - 49 ft

Large 50 ft and more

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Monohull sailboats

A monohull boat is a type of watercraft featuring a single hull, which means that it has one main body extending beneath the water (unlike catamarans and trimarans that have multiple hulls).

People choosing them are usually more interested in the sailing experience than the space on the yacht itself. Monohull boats are known for their agility, responsiveness to the wind, and the classic image of leaning under the force of the breeze.

Unlike with the catamarans, the size of the monohull depends on the number of cabins inside the yacht and, therefore, influences the number of crew members it can accommodate. Usually, each cabin is designated to two crew members who can sleep comfortably, although to some crews it might make sense to also use the commons area.

There are many different models, sizes and specifications and everyone can find something to fit their needs and preferences.

Small 3 cabins

Medium 4 cabins