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Welcome to the About Us page of Sailingmint Yacht Charter

Meet the crew

Aleksy Duchnowski

Sailing since early childhood. Having sailed more than 40 000 nautical miles, he probably has salt water in his bloodstream.

Passion and professionalism are the best words to describe his attitude towards being a skipper.  

After sailing all around the North and Baltic seas and exploring countless blue bays and picturesque islands in the Mediterranean,  he enjoys sharing his knowledge with the crew. He believes in a fresh, no-gatekeeping approach, so he's more than happy to teach all the information, tips and tricks needed to take the best experience out of sailing. At the same time, he strives to create a relaxed atmosphere aboard, so if you want to have a safe and relaxing he is the best pick for your sailing trip. 

Sara Leal

She started her offshore adventure with a bang: crossed the Atlantic Ocean from the Canary Islands to Martinique. Since then, she also had the opportunity to explore sailing in the bright waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Her favourite spot is to be on the open bathing platform of the sailing vessel enjoying the sunlight. 

She is an avid multitasker, with a great ability to turn ideas into reality, and happy to be applying a diverse variety of skills to co-steering Sailngmint.

She's motivated to improve her sailing skills for when, together with Alex, they set sail to fulfill the dream of circumnavigating. In the meantime, you can expect her support in finding the best boat possible for your sailing experience, relying on focused on clear communication and a smooth process.

smooth sailing water for charter holidays

Our vision

We believe sailing is a wonderful experience that allows people to connect with nature meaningfully. It's possible to find comfort in a beautiful landscape, mindfulness in an endless horizon of waves and even a sense of adventure and respect when moving through the sea.

We also believe that sailing should be as enjoyable and accessible as possible and we aim to give the possibility to as many people as possible to experience this beautiful style for vacation and life.

Sailingmint team to support you finding the best yacht for your charter experience
smooth sailing water for charter holidays

Does our vision resonate with you? Are you ready to book your next sailng experience?

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smooth sailing water for charter holidays

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