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Sail with us in Greece
Charter with skipper

Discover the beauty of Greek culture, cuisine and landscape

Charter a yacht with us in Athens. It is possible to charter with or without a skipper. When choosing to charter a boat with a skipper option, no sailing experience is required.

Yachts with three, four and five cabins are available. Charter is ideal for groups of 4 to 10 people. However, if you are alone or with a smaller group, let us know and we will do our best to accommodate.

It is possible to charter throughout the season. However, in September we offer promotional dates:

September 14th-21st - Start and finish in Athens

smooth sailing water for charter holidays

Do you want to book your sailing vacation in Greece with us? Let us know

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Get inspired by the atmosphere

A wide selection of yachts

The gallery shows some of the yachts available in Athens. We will help you choose the perfect yacht for your needs, depending on the number of crew members, yacht equipment, quality and budget.

smooth sailing water for charter holidays

Are you feeling inspired to sail in Greece? We will help you select the perfect boat for the needs of the crew

or call +48 510 107 997

Islands of the Saronic Gulf

The uniqueness of Greece lies primarily in the people who create the unique atmosphere in this country, framed in ancient culture and in ruins of former glory. Experiencing it from the deck of a yacht is the best way to do it. Below are some of the most interesting places near Athens and the Saronic Gulf.

Charter a yacht in Greece and visit Epidavros


One of the most famous archaeological sites in Greece is ancient Epidavros, a settlement that flourished around the sacred sanctuary of Asclepius. The remains of the ancient sanctuary still exist today and are adjacent to the famous ancient theatre of Epidaurus. It is worth visiting the small Archaeological Museum on site, which displays statues and other discoveries from the excavations.

The Ancient Theater of Epidavros is considered the best-preserved theatre of this type in Greece, distinguished by its extraordinary acoustics and exquisite structure, surrounded by lush greenery. Its construction was completed at the end of the 4th century BC. and was completed in two phases. Initially, the theatre consisted of 34 rows of seats, divided into 34 sections by staircases and paths. It is still used today to host theatrical and musical performances as part of the annual Athena and Epidavros Festival, which hosts a host of notable local and world performances throughout the summer.

Visit Greece ancient ruins in Aegina during your charter experience


Known for its delicious pistachios, including the coveted pistachio ice cream available in local shops, Aegina is not only a paradise for food lovers but also a delight for travellers. The island is a treasure trove of ancient sites, the most famous being the Temple of Aphaia. The Temple of Apollo, distinguished by its solitary standing column known as the 'kolena', is another must-visit archaeological site. To delve deeper into the history of the island, the Archaeological Museum displays artefacts from these temples and relics from the Neolithic era.

For a swim and lunch, Marathonas, with its waist-deep clear waters, is a family favourite and is conveniently located close to the city centre. Perdika, on the other hand, is a must-try for those who want to enjoy a seafood lunch after a refreshing swim. The village is famous for its fish taverns. For those looking for peace and quiet, the pebble beach in the quiet village of Portes is the perfect place.

Catamaran and monohull sailing holidays in Poros, Greece


Poros, an amphitheatre-shaped Saronic island that once consisted of the islands of Spheria and Kalavria, is often admired for its charming neoclassical and Venetian-style buildings, lofty clock tower and green surroundings. The bustling port is lined with plenty of cafés, shops and traditional Greek tavernas, set against the backdrop of the impressive Peloponnese mountains. The main town invites you to leisurely explore its picturesque cobblestone streets.

The Temple of Poseidon, which dates back to 520 BC, is a must-see when visiting the northern part of the island. The Archaeological Museum, located in Koritzi Square in the island's main town, contains a collection of artefacts from this site and other places such as Trizina, Kalavreia and Methana.

Sailing holidays in Greece visiting Sounio on a sailboat


Sounio, located at the southern tip of Attica. Its appeal lies in the comprehensive offer - a refreshing swim, a delightfully picturesque lunch and a visit to the magnificent Temple of Poseidon. Visitors can also enjoy stunning scenery, pristine waters and delicious cuisine.

The main attraction of Sounio is the Temple of Poseidon, an extraordinary building from 444 BC. The tall columns and extraordinary seascape make it a sight to behold. The temple's design follows Sacred Geometry and is believed to align with the "portals of the Universe", four distinct stars, and was built by Pericles, the same statesman who built the Acropolis of Athens. Lord Byron, who left his signature on one of the temple's columns, was just one of thousands who carved his name or message on the temple's ancient rocks.

Catamaran and monohull in a marina in Hydra, Greece


The Hydra is steeped in history and is known for playing a key role in the Greek War of Independence. The island's strategic location made it an important naval base, and its inhabitants provided crucial support to the Greek revolutionaries. Today, visitors can stroll on car-free paved roads, shop in small boutiques, sit in cafes, people watch, and see the island's landmarks.

Cosmopolitan, picturesque and romantic - it's no wonder that Hydra has been seducing writers, musicians, filmmakers and artists with its unique charm for decades and continues to do so. And it's a challenge for sailors, having probably the most interesting boat mooring system in the world, by the way.

smooth sailing water for charter holidays

We hope you feel inspired to make Greece your next sailing destination. If that's the case, let us know

or call +48 510 107 997

Your skipper

Skipper showing the crew best plaves to visit during the charter


I started my sailing adventure with inland cruises, exploring Masuria, which developed into a great passion for water, wind and the sailing lifestyle. The beginning of sea expeditions is primarily the Baltic Sea and the North Sea. It was the northern seas of Europe that shaped me as a sailor and as a person.

The last few years have been marked by warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea, Croatia has become a second home and sailing is a way of life.

After sailing over 40,000 nautical miles, I am very happy to pass on my knowledge and spread my passion for sailing.

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