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 Sail with us in Croatia
Charter with skipper

Discover the beauty of Croatian culture, cuisine and landscape


Charter a yacht in Croatia with us, it is possible to charter with or without a skipper. When choosing the skipper option, no sailing experience is required.


Yachts with three, four and five cabins are available. Charter is ideal for groups of 4 to 10 people. However, if you are alone or with a smaller group, let us know and we will think of something.


It is possible to charter throughout the season. We offer promotional dates for the May weekend:


April 27 - May 4 Start and end in Biograd

smooth sailing water for charter holidays

Would you like to explore all that Croatia has to offer with us? 

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Get inspired by the atmosphere

A wide selection of yachts

The gallery shows some of the yachts available in Croatia. We will help you choose the perfect yacht for your needs, depending on the number of crew members, yacht equipment, quality and budget.

smooth sailing water for charter holidays

We can guide and support you when selecting the best yacht thanks to our experience sailing in the region

or call +48 510 107 997

Dalmatian Islands

Croatia is the most popular sailing destination in the world and the places we present on this page are some of the most popular out of hundreds of islands. A Dalmatia is a place where everyone will find something for themselves, whether it is to search for turquoise waters, jump from one bay to another, or explore land and visit the most famous cities.

Hvar popular sailing destination for charter holidays in Croatia


The island of Hvar in Croatia delights with its charm, wonderful landscapes and rich history. The old town of Stari Grad, located on the northern tip of the island, is enchanting with its antiquity and charming streets that lead to historical monuments and charming cafes.

However, the small port of Holy Sunday, hidden at the foot of impressive cliffs, invites you to rest in peace and close to nature and the clear, blue sea. The numerous bays in the area are perfect places to anchor a yacht, offering calm waters and picturesque views. Moreover, the island is famous for its excellent vineyards, where you can taste local wines with a unique taste, enjoying the pleasures of life on this magical island.

Charter yacht in Croatia to sail in beautiful bays


During a sailing yacht cruise in Croatia, the island of Długi Otok offers an unforgettable experience.

Its coast presents impressive cliffs, and in the north of the island there is the highest lighthouse in the country, the Veli Rat Lighthouse. Its light ensured safe navigation through these waters for years. On the other side of the island, at the southern end, there is Telešćica Park, which attracts sailors with its natural beauty, bays and lagoons. This is the perfect place to moor your yacht and explore this extraordinary area.

Visit Kornaty National Park during sailing holidays with skipper


With as many as 140 islands, the Kornati Islands are considered the most numerous archipelago in the Adriatic.

Kornati National Park is a real jewel of the Adriatic Sea. Its uniqueness lies in its raw, rocky space, where the lack of vegetation highlights the rocky beauty of these islands. The clear blue waters of the Adriatic Sea surround these islands, creating extraordinary color contrasts. Sailing in this area by yacht, you will discover numerous small bays, hidden corners and picturesque bays that invite you to anchor and swim.

The islands are located south of the island of Dugi Otok, clearly visible from viewpoints in the Telašćica Nature Park. None of the islands are uninhabitable due to the lack of fresh water, so the best way to explore is to cruise around them by yacht. The rocky karst islands are particularly striking against the background of the blue sea.

It is best to buy a ticket to the Kornati National Park online on the website of the Kornati National Park or on the website of the National Parks of Croatia.

Catamarans and yachts in Solta for family holidays during charter week in Croatia


The island of Šolta is the Croatian island closest to the port of Split. It is not as popular and touristy as the islands of Hvar, Brac or Korcula, so it is a relatively quiet island, suitable for a family holiday, especially if you have smaller children.

Because it is often overlooked, Šolta has retained its natural beauty and has many beautiful coves. My favorite place to stop is a large bay in the north of Necujan, in the depths you can admire the shipwreck, but it is worth doing it early in the morning or late afternoon because a lot of tourist boats from Split arrive there during the day. In turn, for a night stop, Stomorska is perfect, you can read about it on our blog.

Visit Vis during sailing holidays in Croatia


The furthest inhabited island on the Croatian coast, Vis is one of the most popular sailing destinations on the Croatian side of the Adriatic Sea. Its highest point is Hum, which rises to a height of 587 meters above sea level and provides a wonderful view of the island and its surroundings.

The two largest settlements on the island are the town of Vis on the eastern part of the island, from which the island originally took its name, and Komiža on its western coast.

The city of Vis was originally founded as a Greek colony called Issa. It lies at the foot of a wide, horseshoe-shaped bay. Arriving ferries and charter yachts enliven an otherwise quiet collection of seaside promenades, crumbling 17th-century townhouses and narrow streets winding gently uphill from the seafront.

smooth sailing water for charter holidays

Do you want to sail in these and many other wonderful places in Croatia? Let us know 

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Your Skipper

Skipper showing crew the best and hidden places to sail in Croatia


I started my sailing adventure with inland cruises, exploring Masuria, which developed into a great passion for water, wind and the sailing lifestyle. The beginning of sea expeditions is primarily the Baltic Sea and the North Sea. It was the northern seas of Europe that shaped me as a sailor and as a person.

The last few years have been marked by warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea, Croatia has become a second home and sailing is a way of life.

After sailing over 40,000 nautical miles, I am very happy to pass on my knowledge and spread my passion for sailing.

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